Digest 5: Sci-Fi & Black Panthers

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I've spent the last few months blogging about sci-fi, so this digest post has been a bit of an excuse to unload a bunch of links I came across while doing research. There are also some leftover Las Vegas links, as well as a handful of graphic design posts I've come across while following the #blacklivesmatter movement. On a side note, I'd love to hear what books everyone's been reading during the pandemic.

Movies (Sci-Fi Special)

  • ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: The Oral History of a Modern Action Classic

    The New York Times

    Featuring interviews with George Miller, Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and others - this is a remarkable narrative of how the fourth Mad Max movie got made. The film was such a spectacle that Steven Soderbergh remarked, "... I don't understand how hundreds of people aren't dead" upon watching it.

    Read on The New York Times

  • The 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time


    I've made two sci-fi movie posts this year, so I spent quite a bit of time researching the genre. I tried to avoid making a "Best-of" list with my most recent post, just because there are so many good ones out there. This one from Paste is one of my favorites.

    Read on Paste

  • The Artwork of Ron Cobb

    Ron Cobb

    It's hard to categorize Ron Cobb. He's an animator turned editorial cartoonist turned film designer (and later a film director). Maybe the best way to describe him is to list some of the movies he's done production design for: Star Wars, Alien, Conan the Barbarian, Total Recall, and Running Man.

    Read on roncobb.net

  • Typeset In the Future

    Dave Addey

    Typeset In the Future is a comprehensive deep dive into the typography and iconography of sci-fi movies and tv shows. Written and curated by Dave Addey, he's tackled films such as Blade Runner, Moon, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Bonus points: it's now available as a hardcover book.

    Read on typesetinthefuture.com


  • Reunions

    Jason Isbell

    I consistently pre-order all of Jason Isbell's new releases. Since he arrived on the scene in 2013 with his album Southeastern, he's released four more albums and shows no sign of slowing down. His latest is a welcome release amidst the chaos of 2020.

    Listen to the Album on Spotify

  • Chances with Wolves


    Chances with Wolves is an ongoing collection of 2-hour mixtapes, and they play everything from obscure Beatles covers to long-forgotten funk 45s. It's the perfect alternative to a world of algorithm-based playlists. Thanks to Simon Walker for the recommendation years ago.

    Listen on chanceswithwolves.com


  • Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

    Alfred Lansing

    I've realized that I started reading all of these crazy survival stories during the pandemic. Maybe it's some kind of sick coping mechanism, but reading about a bunch of sailors that got stranded over 850 miles from civilization in 1914 (and survived), makes me feel a bit better about being stuck in my house for a few months.

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  • God Save Texas: A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State

    Lawrence Wright

    This book came along at just the right time for me and did a great job articulating the love/hate relationship I have with Texas. I read it at the beginning stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, and keep thinking about it as our state continues to bungle their response.

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  • The Fade Out

    Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

    I've been getting more into comics, and have found myself gravitating towards owner-created graphic novels. Brubaker is probably most famous for his Captain America: Winter Soldier story arc, and Sean Phillips' image perfectly complements his writing. Thanks to Kevin Sharon for the recommendation.

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  • The Man Who Made Black Panther Cool


    Christopher Priest was the first black writer-editor in mainstream comics. He got his start writing for Marvel's Falcon series and went on to do revolutionary work for Quantum and Woody and Black Panther. This interview serves as a retrospective of Priest's tumultuous and outspoken career.

    Read on Vulture


  • Sign Renderings


    I stumbled upon this collection of renderings when I was working on my Las Vegas casinos post. It starts with some designs for supermarkets, banks, and department stores, but as you dig in, you'll find some of the original renderings for a lot of the old casinos on the strip.

    Browse The Collection

  • Milton Glaser Archives

    School of Visual Arts

    I've spent a lot of time browsing the Milton Glaser Archives since his death in June, and it's been inspiring me to do another blog post that focuses on his show posters or typography. The archives also include many of Glaser's colleagues, including artists such as Ed Benguiat and Louise Fili.

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  • Emory Douglas & The Black Panther

    Letterform Archive

    On Emory Douglas, Colette Gaiter remarked, "Douglas was the Norman Rockwell of the ghetto, concentrating on the poor and oppressed ... He maintained poor people's dignity while graphically illustrating harsh situations."

    Browse The Collection

  • Black Self-Empowerment: From The Crisis to the Black Panthers, 1920s–1990s

    Merrill C. Berman Collection

    Merrill Berman has been collecting works related to social change, equality, and human rights since the 1960s. This collection includes original copies of several revolutionary newspapers and publications.

    Browse The Collection


  • Roy Hofheinz's Apartment in the Astrodome

    Messy Nessy

    This is an old feature in Life Magazine about Roy Hofheinz, Houston's former mayor. In 1967 he built his own private home in the Astrodome. Among other things, it had a home cinema, personal barbershop and salon, shooting range, and a billiards room overlooking the field.

    Read on messynessychic.com

  • Vintage Las Vegas


    My favorite follow on Instagram that heavily influenced my Las Vegas casinos post. I've been following their account for a while now, and their content is always fresh. They also have their photos on Tumblr, which is helpful if you want to search by casino.

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