About Me

I'm a designer working on Luro in Austin, Texas. I also blog about logos, movies, music, and a bunch of other stuff.

The easiest way to reach me is by email or Twitter. I'm occasionally on Instagram, LinkedIn, Dribbble, GitHub, and CodePen.

Texas illustration

Current and Past Projects

Along with Luro, here are a handful of projects I've started or been a part of over the years. There's also some older design and illustration work.

  • Luro


    I co-founded Luro, a product development system for teams.
  • Paravel


    A web design agency that I started with my two best friends.
  • Day Trip


    A web app that finds a bunch of fun things to do close to home.
  • Signs of Austin

    Signs of Austin

    Documenting and illustrating the fading charm of a rapidly commercialized city.
  • The Many Faces

    The Many Faces

    A love letter to the silver screen. RIP Alan Rickman and Burt Reynolds.
  • Heroes of Texas

    Heroes of Texas

    A poster collaboration I started on the Texas Revolution.
  • Design Work

    Misc. Design Work

    A collection of shirts and posters I've designed throughout the years.
  • Lettering

    Misc. Lettering

    A collection of custom type and lettering I've done throughout the years.