About Me

I make websites with my friends at Paravel in Austin, Texas. I also blog about logos, movies, music, and a bunch of other stuff.

The easiest way to reach me is by email or Twitter. I'm occasionally on Instagram, Dribbble, GitHub, and CodePen.

Want to work together on a web project? Cruise on over to Paravel. My web portfolio is also over there.

Texas illustration

Current and Past Projects

Along with Paravel, here are a handful of side projects I've started or been a part of over the years. There's also some older design and illustration work.

  • Paravel


    By day I work at Paravel, a web design agency that I started with my two best friends.
  • Day Trip


    A web app that finds a bunch of fun things to do close to home.
  • Signs of Austin

    Signs of Austin

    Documenting and illustrating the fading charm of a rapidly commercialized city.
  • The Many Faces

    The Many Faces

    A love letter to the silver screen. RIP Alan Rickman and Burt Reynolds.
  • Heroes of Texas

    Heroes of Texas

    A poster collaboration I started on the Texas Revolution.
  • Design Work

    Misc. Design Work

    A collection of shirts and posters I've designed throughout the years.
  • Lettering

    Misc. Lettering

    A collection of custom type and lettering I've done throughout the years.