The Latest from the Blog

I share all kinds of inspiration on my blog, from music and books to logos. I enjoy making connections through shared interests.

Current & Previous Projects

I'm the lead designer at Paravel, a web shop in Austin, TX. When I'm not working on client work, my interests tend to gravitate towards Texas, movies, and custom type.

  • Paravel

    A web shop that I started with my two best friends. 10 years in business and still going strong.

  • Heroes of Texas

    A poster collaboration on the Texas Revolution.

  • Misc. Design Work

    A collection of shirts and posters I've designed.

  • DayTrip

    A project to find a bunch of fun things to do outside.

  • The Many Faces

    A love letter to movies, notably Burt Reynolds.

  • Signs of Austin

    A project documenting the fading charm of a rapidly commercialized city.