Howdy, Partner Legend


1. Nolan Ryan Baseball Card

The Ryan Express is my all-time favorite baseball player. I have fond memories of this 1987 Topps card with the wood grain and rainbow uniforms.

2. Gaido's Seafood Restaurant Matchbook

Growing up, my family would spend a week in Galveston, TX for summer vacation. Back then, Gaido's was the fanciest dinner I'd ever had.

3. Dallas Cowboys Pin

My Mom grew up in Dallas, so we've always been big Cowboys fans. Being a kid during one of the greatest runs in NFL history was pretty memorable.

4. Lonesome Dove Paperback

My favorite book that I've read and loaned out countless of times. Larry McMurtry's novel won the 1986 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

5. 1965 Houston Astros Ticket

The old 8th Wonder of the World will always hold a special place in my heart. This is a ticket from the very first game in 1965.

6. Terlingua Bumper Sticker

A ghost town outside of Big Bend that was made famous by a chili cookoff and a Jerry Jeff Walker album. The Starlight Theater is one my favorite dinner spots.

7. George Strait - Strait Country Cassette

George Strait got his start right down the road in San Marcos. This is his debut album that my Dad used to play in his truck when I was a kid.

8. Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle

Austin Beerworks has led the Austin craft beer resurgence, and their American IPA is one of my favorite beers. The can design is pretty dope as well.

9. Bob Wills Tour Poster

According to Mr. Waylon Jennings, “It don’t matter who’s in Austin, Bob Wills is still the king.”

10. Dazed and Confused VHS

One of my favorite films that was shot right here in Austin. I can’t begin to count how many times I watched this one in college.

11. Texas Truck License Plate

Texas started phasing out the “Texas Truck” license plates in 2012, and I’m still pretty upset about it.

12. Waylon Jennings Belt Buckle

One of the original outlaws, Waylon Jennings put Luckenbach on the map. I named my dog after this man.

13. Texas Longhorns Pennant

I’m a proud alumni and a long-time season ticket holder. One of my favorite moments was being able to attend the 2005 National Championship game.

14. Gilley's Bumper Sticker

One of the most iconic Texas logos of all time, as made famous by John Travolta and Urban Cowboy. Bonus points: one of the amigos is from Pasadena!

15. Big Bend Map

One of my favorite places in the world. Pack a lunch, hike the Chisos Mountains, and enjoy the prettiest view in Texas.

16. ZZ Top 8-Track

My uncle used to have this purple velvet-lined 8-track suitcase that was full of old ZZ-Top and other assorted hard rock albums.

17. Don't Mess With Texas Mug

I used to love the old “Don’t Mess With Texas” commercials that GSD&M did. The one with Mike Scott was one of my favorites.

18. Schlitterbahn Wristband

You’re doing Texas wrong if you don’t take your kids down to New Braunfels every summer. It’s the Texas version of Disney World.

19. Lone Star Beer Coaster

Lone Star was the first large brewery in Texas. It’s been around since 1884, was brewed in San Antonio, and was the inspiration for Hank Hill's Alamo Beer.

20. Franklin Barbecue Box

Franklin Barbecue to go was one of the greatest innovations of the past decade. Thanks to Trent for sharing this one with me.

21. Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger LP

Having to pick your favorite Willie Nelson album is kind of like having to pick your favorite kid. Texas Monthly once wrote that this album is “more than a good country music; it’s almost gospel.”

22. Astroworld Season Pass

While the Astrodome is on it’s last leg, Astroworld is gone forever. I’ll always remember the anticipation of seeing The Texas Cyclone towering over 610.

23. Alamo Flag

Remember the Alamo! I love Texas history so much that I started a side-project about it.

24. Whataburger Order Number

A Whataburger with cheese, jalapeños and no mustard is my go-to. You can all keep your California and New York burgers, I’ll stick with my Whataburger.

25. NASA Patch

It was pretty cool growing up about an hour and a half from the Space Center. I always had dreams of Space Camp, but never got the chance.

26. Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Ticket

Rodeos were a big deal for my family growing up. In college, I saw the band Alabama play on a rotating stage at the rodeo.