The Frisco is celebrating 60 years of business this year, but their history in Austin goes back even further than that. They were a part of the famous Night Hawk chain of restaurants which were founded in 1932 by local entrepreneur Harry Akin. The first Night Hawk restaurant opened on South Congress and Riverside, with other locations on I-35 and The Drag to follow. The Frisco is the only one left.

The original Frisco stood on the corner of Burnet and Koenig, but was razed to make way for a new Walgreens about 6 years ago (because what Austin needs is more generic drug stores). Their current location is just a little farther north on Burnet Road where the old Curra’s used to be. They are truly a living piece of Austin history.

For sign hunters out there, the original Night Hawk neon sign can be found in the downtown Threadgill’s location.