Say man, why don’t you run over to the Centennial over there and pick me up a sixer of this stuff. Do you think you could do that?”

The Centennial Liquor sign was a bit of a landmark for me back in my college days. I used to live by the one on Guadalupe and would trek over there on the weekends to acquire cheap booze for parties. This particular sign is the one on North Lamar, next to the infamous Emporium from the movie Dazed and Confused. The liquor store is long gone with the sign resting peacefully in the parking lot of The Yellow Rose. The sign itself seems to be in great condition - hopefully a sign that they plan to keep it around for a good long time.

There used to be a few Centennial Liquors around town (I know there was one on South Lamar as well), but I believe the one on Guadalupe is the only one left.  And with all the new development on that part of Guadalupe, I doubt it’s long for living either.