Believe it or not, I’m still chipping away at my Signs of Austin project. In the spirit of showing my work, I thought I’d start sharing some more of my favorite pieces. 

Don-Mar Motor Court is another victim of the South Congress/South Lamar “Condo Corridor” (stay strong Broken Spoke… stay strong). Along with Fran the Waitress, their iconic sign was taken down earlier this year. It’s crazy - every time I pick this project back up, a few more signs have disappeared. By the time I’m old and gray, they’ll probably all be gone. 

But back to Don-Mar - it was opened in 1935 by Don and Mary Roberts at 2109 South Congress Avenue. Legend has it that there was a murder committed here in 1991 and an arson in 2007. Which isn’t too surprising - most of these old motor courts have seen better days. Don-Mar was demolished in 2008 and the sign lasted all the way until February of this year. The saving grace in the whole story is that the sign was bought by Don Loughead and is on display at his RV store in Buda. The last time I saw it about 2 or 3 years ago the color was still vibrant and beautiful. 

If anyone has any more stories on Don-Mar, I’d love to hear them.