In case you didn’t know already, Trent, Dave & I were recently asked by the kind folks at Unmatched Style to create the PSD for this years CSS Off. The CSS Off is a “competition for front-end developers to show off their skills in a no holds barred display of CSS and markup skills." Always up for a challenge and a little fun, we gladly accepted. 

We spent the afternoon together brainstorming ideas for a fun site to design and stumbled upon the greatest video on all of the internet. You know when a video is titled ”‘Double Dare kids eat shit on obstacle course - 1986" you’re on to something special. 

Triple Dare was born. Rather than ramble on any more, I’d like share a handful of snapshots from the project. All of the sketches are done with a Pigma Graphic 1 pen and then finished out in Photoshop.

image image image image image image image

Be sure to check out Trent’s post over on his site. He designed the site once I handed over the illustrations. Go Team Paravel!

There’s also a Dribbble bucket with even more goodness.